is a personal project exploring my social media footprints. Its first facet involves organizing Foursquare check-ins into trips outside a home ZIP code.

Foursquare Library for Node

I actively maintain a fault-tolerant Foursquare API library for Node.

Guess Friends

Guess Friends was an entry for Node Knockout 2011. It’s a Facebook adaptation of the popular Hasbro game, “Guess Who?”

A shot of the Guess Friends game board

My Truth Be Told

My Truth Be Told was an entry in the April 2011 Kansas City Startup Weekend. It builds user profiles based on immutable social media data as a tool for self-discovery or a “social background check”.

A shot of My Truth Be Told.

Event Wall

My Event Wall is an art installation used to display photos taken in real time at the Party Arty 2011 fundraising event.

A shot of the Live Event Wall