Pecha Kucha KC: “Code is Magical”

Pecha Kucha KC: “Code is Magical”


In 2010 I proposed a Pecha Kucha talk for the Kansas City event entitled, “Code is Magical, Not Mystical”.

I’ve always been curious why more people don’t take up programming as a hobby. Many of my friends have said it’s because code is “too hard to understand”… yet all admitted they’d picked up other hobbies that seemed just as difficult when they started. This was something I wanted to explore, (and debunk as much as possible).

“Code is Magical”

The thrust of my argument was that many people considered programming to be “mystical”: it was a skill or talent that one was born with or was inherently “built for”. And this fact precluded many “normal” folks from actually learning anything without significant effort. I attempted to recast that notion into a “magical” nature: sure, software could blow your socks off, but it was magic that could be taught, understood and duplicated with enough practice.


The video from my talk is included here. For a theatre guy, I sound remarkably nervous: I was asked to go up spontaneously, out of turn, as someone was running late, so I was a bit thrown off. Combine that with the nature of Pecha Kucha, and it’s no wonder I was a bit “wobbly”. :-)