Rockhurst University
Kansas City, MO
B.S. Computer Science

Earned a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Computer Science, with a minor in Theatre Arts, attending on academic and theatre scholarships.

Vancouver, BC
User Interface Engineer

User Interface Engineer responsible for creating semantic, performant and interactive interfaces for web properties at Facebook. Specialty in Mobile interfaces, particularly touch environments, but also in creating progressively enhanceable markup that works on all devices.

Menlo Park, CA
User Interface Engineer

User Interface Engineer responsible for creating semantic, performant and interactive interfaces for web properties at Facebook. Specialty in Mobile interfaces, particularly touch environments, but also in creating progressively enhanceable markup that works on all devices.

Cerner Corporation
Kansas City, MO
Web Evangelist

Web Evangelist responsible for promoting an agnostic, progressive enhancement web philosophy for all web teams within Cerner. Also responsible for evaluating emerging web technologies for potential inclusion in the stack, performing research and presenting findings to the Cerner community and beyond, general code review and consulting projects, and managing relationships with existing and potential partners and vendors.

Notable projects have included:

  • Development of an OpenID iPhone SDK, (similar to that of Facebook);
  • JSON-P redesign of existing semantic search web service;
  • “Proscenium”, an experimental technique for compiling templates into JavaScript libraries for both client and server consumption;
  • Drinking the Progressive Enhancement Kool-aid” series, introducing developers to a strict PE philosophy;
  • Ownership of internal Web Development groups on;
  • CSS/JS skin development supporting single codebase sites.
Software Architect

Presentation Architect within Cerner Healthe, (a consumer division within Cerner), responsible for all aspects of the web presentation layer technology stack. Influenced and interpreted visual design, delivering complete HTML, CSS and JS code for multiple platforms (e.g. mobile, iPhone, desktop, etc) for more than six different solutions impacting health and claims management, as well personal health record-keeping.

  • Credited with developing and implementing a comprehensive, browser agnostic web philosophy responsible for a level of accessibility previously not possible for Cerner web solutions.
  • Invented the Web Bootstrapper, a patent-pending technology that allows semantic web pages to adapt to the heuristics of the device or platform on which it’s being displayed. This technology has since been utilized across the spectrum of Cerner solutions.
  • Served as a consultant and mentored engineers for multiple groups and product units in web technology and development.
Sr. Software Engineer

Presentation Architect over the ePrescribing (eRx) and Community Health Record (CHR) solutions for the treatment of entire Medicare populations in several states. Duties included interpreting functional requirements into a coherent user interface and visual design. This was followed by deep technical design for implementation, including proprietary, markup-producing Java Presentation Components, service fa├žade usage, Struts actions, Ajax, JavaScript, CSS, semantic HTML and cross-browser compatibility.

  • Proposed and spearheaded the “New Navigation” project, a radical redesign of the user interface based on usability study and sales feedback. Wrangled module teams and coordinated their workflow redesign from concept to deployment.
  • Developed architecture pattern discarding JSPs in favor of full modules of aggregate presentation components, adding entire workflows to any WAR using standard J2EE and Struts configuration. Approach was then adopted by all web solutions at Cerner.
  • Responsible for mentoring software engineers and other architects in semantic markup practices and prudent JavaScript.
Application Developer

Presentation layer developer for the Web Experience solution, specifically the Order Management space. Designed, documented, and developed front-end user interfaces for order placement, drug catalog browsing, proactive interaction checking and alerting.

  • Developed a reusable, component-based rendering system for the presentation layer. This resulted in a dramatic 80% reduction in markup on JSPs and allowed for the inclusion of order-specific constructs in other spaces with little code.
  • Considered Subject Matter Expert for presentation layer technologies, serving as a code review agent for other associate and team-produced code. Taught multiple courses for new and existing associates within the HR training framework.
Overland Park, KS
Software Engineer II

Transitioned from Accenture Outsourcing to Sprint PCS as a Software Engineer II. Member of the Architecture team, responsible for applying design patterns, creating interfaces to back-end applications, and overseeing code development across releases.

Accenture LLP
Overland Park, KS
Outsourced Analyst

Employed as an Analyst in the Outsourcing organization for a number of client engagements.

Wireless Telecom Engagement
Software engineer developing principal web-based Customer Care billing platform using Java. Primary fix agent responsible for resolving defects throughout the delivery life-cycle. Individually resolved over 200 test tickets for a large conversion release.
Long Distance Telecom Engagement
Responsible for monitoring load balance and processing time on Long Distance switches through an SQL interface. Placed on-call to troubleshoot backlogged transactions across 14 different telecommunication applications.
Broadband Telecom Engagement
Responsible for analyzing new functionality and creating end-to-end test plans for all development efforts involved. Coordinated multiple teams across the United States to communicate test approach and obtain sign-off.
Awards and Publications
Cerner Corporation
Kansas City, MO
Rockhurst University
Kansas City, MO
  • 2001 – Featured in the KC/ACTF Tech Expo for excellence in Technical Theatre Design using 3D Computer Graphics.
  • 1997-2001 – Invited to the Festival of Student Achievement all four years at Rockhurst for excellence in research.
  • 1998-2001 – Three-time KC/ACTF< Irene Ryan Acting Scholarship Nominee for excellence in Acting.
  • 2000 – Served on President’s “Commission for the Future” Technology Advisory Committee.
  • 1999 – Recipient of the Rockhurst University Dean’s Research Fellowship in 1999 for 3D graphics research.
Siggraph 1999 International Conference

Featured speaker in the ‘Playground‘ and ‘Classroom‘ discussing the success of my 1997 and 1998 ThinkQuest websites in teaching, more specifically the use of 3D graphics combined with Internet technology to teach difficult subjects to students of all ages.

  • Highly proficient in all facets of web design, including:
    • Progressive Enhancement as philosophy,
    • browser interoperability and agnostics,
    • standards-based HTML design,
    • semantic markup,
    • CSS,
    • object-oriented and unobtrusive JavaScript,
    • Ajax techniques and patterns.
  • Comfortable functioning as both designer and engineer, delivering function and aesthetic as well as technical approach.
  • Well-versed in the use of Java, J2EE, and the Jakarta Struts Framework, delivering scalable, high-performance web solutions to remote clients on Weblogic, Websphere and Oracle application servers.
  • Experience delivering code for production systems using Java, Perl, SQL, Visual Basic, Cold Fusion, and C++.
  • Recent Skills Inventory
    • HTML (including HTML5)
    • CSS (including CSS3, WebKit extensions)
    • JavaScript
    • Node.js and CommonJS modules
    • Java, J2EE, Servlets, JSP
    • iPhone/Touch web development
    • WebOS and SDK
    • JavaScript Frameworks (e.g. jQuery, MooTools, Xui, Microframeworks, etc)
  • Active in local Theatre, including acting, directing and design.
  • Organizer of a weekly “Geek Night” consisting of local professionals collaborating on various subjects and projects.
  • Volunteer for Young Friends of Art at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, including the committee for Party Arty.
  • Active in multiple communities such as Social Media Club, Pecha Kucha, Startup Weekend, etc.

Resume available in plain text