Hello There...!

I'm Clint Andrew Hall.
I'm a User Interface Engineer
and Socially Adept Geek.

About Me

I Live for Experiences

I craft them for desktop and mobile browsers, professionally and in my spare time. I'm incredibly fortunate that my passion became my career.

I pursue them, too. I enjoy conferences like SxSW, gatherings like TED and TEDx, and hackathons like Startup Weekend. I love to build with Lego. I made my own desk. I tinker with hardware and VR. If I'm not traveling the world with my wife, Olivia, you might find me onstage in community theatre, or telling a story at The Moth. We have an adorable dog named Shandy.

I'm currently the Area Lead for the Presentation Team within Kibana at Elastic, working from my home in Kansas City, MO.

In the past, I've worked for Facebook, Cerner, Sprint and Accenture, and lived in New York, Vancouver and San Francisco. So far we've visited 40 countries, (and counting).

About My Work

I'm an Engineering Lead and User Interface Engineer. I work to make the web beautiful, both on its surface and beneath.

I'm a demonstrated expert in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, React/Flux/Relay, and more. I specialize in techniques promoting web agnostics, semantics, and accessibility. I'm comfortable with varying levels of skill in any web full stack, having written and maintained production code in JS, PHP, Java and Ruby-on-Rails. I currently prefer React+Node or React Native for most of my personal projects.

I'm a regular consumer and occasional contributor to open source projects and client APIs. If I have a suggestion for a website or application, I prefer to demonstrate the idea using an API rather than just describe it-- Code Wins Arguments.

I look for opportunities where I can make strong, direct and meaningful contributions to a team, to users and to the web. I'm comfortable functioning as both designer and engineer, advising on both the technical and aesthetic. I'm affable and good-natured, yet results-driven and competitive. I have extensive experience working remotely, particularly during my time at Facebook and Elastic.

About My Code

These lines-of-code counts and repository information are gathered directly from my Github account.









  • 4mJavaScript
  • 3mTypeScript
  • 608kCSS
  • 252kObjective-C
  • 153kHTML
  • 19kOther


Explore My Projects

Here are a few of the things I've worked on in my spare time.


NodeJS, Swarm

I maintain the Foursquare/Swarm library for Node.js.View Details

Event Photo Wall

NodeJS, Facebook

My Event Wall is an open-source art installation used to project photos uploaded to a Facebook Event in real time.View Details


NodeJS, Swarm

Backstrok.es is a website for discovering where you've been on Foursquare and Swarm.View Details



My TEDx talk detailing an attempt to redefine how people perceive technology.View Details

Guess Friends was a website a few friends and I wrote for the first Node Knockout.View Details

Web Bookstrapper

Cerner, Web

A method of flexing semantic HTML based on the immutable properties of the device before code is even downloaded.View Details


Read About My Experience

These are a few roles I've held recently.

October 2020 — Present


Area Lead, Presentation Team - Kibana

Recently the Kibana organization created a new team: Presentation. This team is responsible for Canvas, Dashboard, and any other product considered a "presentation container". I'm the Area Lead for this new team, continuing my work with Canvas, but now coordinating efforts between the products.

December 2018 — October 2020


Area Lead, Canvas - Kibana

Soon after I began working at Elastic, I was named the new Area Lead for Canvas. I was responsible for overseeing and coordinating our technical efforts, representing the team across the org, and contributing significant or moonshot enhancements.

During my tenure I directed project efforts for 1 major and 9 minor releases, including the General Availability (GA) release of Canvas from beta. I introduced a number of technologies and architecture approaches that stabilized and enhanced the plugin, and oversaw migration of valuable bespoke technology to the Kibana ecosystem, (e.g. expressions).

April 2015 — June 2018

Facebook NYC

User Interface Engineer

When I first moved to the NYC Facebook office, I joined the Composer team for a "hack-a-quarter", converting the Composer to React, and then worked on the Share Dialog.

Eventually Events found themselves with a large number of React and Relay projects, so I rejoined my former team remotely. I built the new Events Dashboard and Permalink, and implemented many "under the hood" improvements.

August 2013 — April 2015

Facebook Vancouver

User Interface Engineer

In 2013 I joined the Vancouver office with an amazing cadre of engineers from all over the world. With a Canadian fiance, it made sense for me to bring Facebook experience (and culture) to a group of "n00bs".

While there, I worked on the Protect and Care team developing a new Messaging Inbox built in React. I also implemented the Open Graph Share dialog for FB Platform in XHP.

What People Say

I've worked with some remarkable people.

Erik Vorhes
Clint is one of the best engineers I’ve worked with. He is especially passionate about making products available to as many people as possible — not only in terms of pushing for accessibility best practices and for inclusive design, but also in making sure to make things available to people whose devices aren’t the latest and greatest devices and whose internet connections are suboptimal. Clint is capable of building things quickly and at a high standard of excellence while also demonstrating compassion for the people who use the things he builds.
Erik VorhesLead Software Engineer at CheggClint worked with Erik in different groups at Facebook
Patrick Keenan
Clint is a powerhouse of code and collaboration. He single handedly maintained and updated the product on web, refactoring when appropriate. He was proactive in working with design and also brought good questions to help round out the approach. Even in a remote office, it felt like he was always ready to help out.
Patrick KeenanLead Product Designer: Facebook Local AppClint worked with Patrick on the same team at Facebook
Freddy Gottesman
Clint is a motivated and creative engineer with exceptional product sense. In my time working with him I was impressed by his ability to identify a user problem, design a solution and then implement the code to make it happen.
Freddy GottesmanProduct Manager at FacebookClint worked with Freddy in the same group at Facebook
Jacob McDaniel
Hands down, Clint is by far one of the most intelligent engineers I have had the opportunity of working near. As an experience designer working with an engineer, building the most intuitive and functionally sound experience is critical. Clint brings a different perspective to the table and isn't afraid to get his hands dirty. He has an incredible capability of asking comprehensive questions to understand the requirements and data for building the appropriate solution. If given the opportunity in the future to work with Clint, I would sprint versus walk.
Jacob McDanielSr. Experience Designer at HomeAwayJacob worked with Clint, but at different companies
Naithan Jones
Clint worked as an consulting engineer on the initial build of my first venture backed product. Thoughtful and pragmatic engineer with advanced understanding of how to scale code for future usability and performance. One of the strongest engineers I know and a great all around person to boot. Would highly recommend Clint.
Naithan JonesPartner at Andreessen HorowitzNaithan worked with Clint but at different companies
David Cacioppo
Clint delivers on what he says he will and brings great ideas to the table. If you get the opportunity to work with Clint, bring him in early in the concept phase of your project. Odds are, he will have input that makes your project better.
David CacioppoPresident/CEO of emfluenceDavid was a client of Clint's
Scott Ackerson
Clint Hall embodies all that is web. His code, ideas and passion for all things web extend past his professional career into his social and personal life. He is un-conventional only in the fact that he is ahead of the thought leadership and natural curve of web developers. He also has a certain social adeptness that garners many opportunities for him and those around him.
Scott AckersonVice President at Cerner CorporationScott managed Clint directly at Cerner
Bo Fishback
Clint is a great guy to work with. He's a sharp, curious, problem solver and has both a deep knowledge base to draw from and an impressive capacity to learn quickly and apply new skills. I've had the chance to work with him on multiple occasions at multiple different companies and have been impressed at every turn.
Bo FishbackCEO of Zaarly, IncBo worked with Clint, but at different companies


My Drips to The Firehose.

Sometimes I like to post notes or thoughts. Opinions are always my own.